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The journey to digital transformation in the healthcare industry can be challenging and frustrating—but the return on investment is paid in happy patients. Recon removes the pain and problems that come from trying to do it alone.

Technology Guides

At Recon, we know better than most that providers and facilities in the healthcare industry have unique needs when it comes to their technology infrastructure. The right technology landscape can not only increase efficiency and allow for easier scaling, but most importantly it allows for a patient-first experience. We guide you to better outcomes with technology.

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Who We Serve

Our mission is to bridge the gap from paper and analog to digital technology for healthcare providers and facilities, including high-skilled nursing facilities, laboratory testing, medical device companies, hormone therapy companies, pain management, retail urgent care, plastic surgeons, and more.

How We Help

Recon Health understands the compliance, security, and specific challenges that healthcare companies face. We help you traverse the digital divide between old healthcare culture and modern IT best practices without the pain and learning curve that you can’t afford.

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Our Expertise

Our experts at Recon have extensive experience helping healthcare businesses modernize their infrastructure and workflows. We know the most common challenges healthcare providers and facilities face, and provide the solutions they need to overcome them and reach their destination of transformation. We’re experts in ensuring you meet HIPAA compliance regulations, protecting your facility against the tricks of cybercriminals, and helping you use technology to operate at peak performance.

Services We Provide to Healthcare Providers and Facilities


We keep your patients’ private data safe and help you remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.


Improve the way you connect with your team and patients.

Managed IT

We ensure your tech operates at peak performance, enabling you to work efficiently.


A clear path to digital transformation for better outcomes.


We keep your data and your patients’ personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

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